XMRE Blue Line Meals -12 Pack
XMRE Blue Line Meals -12 Pack
XMRE Blue Line Meals -12 Pack
XMRE Blue Line Meals -12 Pack

XMRE Blue Line Meals -12 Pack

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XMRE Blue Line Meals provide 800 – 1,200 calories of high-quality shelf-stable (36 months) food portions that are perfect for preppers, survivalists, camping enthusiasts, and more.

  • All Meals Come Fully Cooked So They Can Be Eaten Right Out Of The Bag, No Preparation Required
  • No Water Necessary To Reconstitute The Food
  • No Refrigeration Required
  • Lightweight And Durable Waterproof Packaging
  • Pack Date Is Embossed On Bags And Printed On The Case
  • Can Be Purchased With Or Without Flameless Ration Heaters (Item #9213 Comes With Heaters, Item #9212 Does Not)
  • Each Case Comes With 12 Sterile Meals And Six Menus
  • Comes With An Assortment Of Entrees, Side Dishes, Drinks, And More
  • Entrées: Variety Of Beef, Tuna, Chicken, Pork, Pizza Or Vegetarian Options
  • Side Items: Crackers, Breads Or Tortillas, Peanut Butter, Cheese Spread, Fruit Jellies, Fruit Jams, Nut Raisin Mix, Peanuts, Dry Fruit Mix, Corn Nuggets, Wet Packed Fruit, Side Dishes, Bars, Pound Cakes, Brownies, Dessert Cookies, Or Other Assorted Items
  • Beverages: Single Or Assorted Fruit Flavored Drink Mixes Or Others Available
  • Accessory Kit Includes: Spoons And Napkins

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