Keys to a Happy Corrections Officer Marriage

1. Give her support and credit for marrying you. Most wives don’t have to deal with their husbands working crazy shifts, weekends, and holidays; or missing kids’ birthdays or other important family functions because of work; not to mention the danger and many stresses of the job. Your wife took these things on willingly. Don’t think for a minute that they don’t bug her sometimes. Show appreciation to her for putting up with the job.

3 men in black uniform standing beside brown brick wall

2. Give her compliments. Is she a great cook? Is she smart with money? Does she keep a clean house? Does she take good care of the kids? Tell her these things. Tell her in front of the kids. You‘ll also be giving them an object lesson in how husbands should treat wives.

3. Give her kind words and courtesy. Say “please” and “thank you” often. Before you leave for work, say “I love you“ — that may be the last thing she hears from you. Open doors for her. It’s awful to see a man and woman go into a building together, and she has to open the door because he doesn’t have the class to open it for her. 

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4. Give her your undivided attention. If she wants to talk, even if the subject isn’t important to you, it’s important to her. Mute the TV. Put down the paper. Turn away from the computer. Even if you are listening, don’t give her the impression that you’re not. 

5. Give her a break around the house. Help with housework. Do the dishes or the laundry (whites go in hot water, colors go in cold, and not too much detergent; it‘s not hard). Give her money. Send her out with for some time with “the girls” while you take care of the kids.