5 Things Every Police Wife Absolutely Needs To Have

Dating a police officer and unsure if you can make it?  Here are the 5 traits every police wife absolutely needs (and how to develop them!)

I don’t know if you’re here because you just started dating a police officer, or maybe your hubby just started the academy – or maybe your significant other has just let you know he’s interested, and you want to know a little more about what to expect if you’re going to be a police wife.

Whatever the case, you’re in the right place.

A sense of humor.

The ability to laugh at the weird, anxiety-inducing, or downright aggravating aspects of police wife life will make those things a lot less negative.

Because honestly, it’s all about attitude.  You can’t control what happens to you, but you can decide whether to throw a fit about it or decide to find the humor behind it.

Also, your husband will almost undoubtedly develop a dark sense of humor because of the job.  You might, too.

But I’m not sure – I’ve always had a slightly morbid sense of humor, so it’s just gotten worse over time.  Ha!


The ability to adapt.

Whoo-boy, if I had a nickel for every time a plan didn’t go the way I thought it would because of law enforcement… I would have a lot of freaking nickels.

A lot.

Seriously, so many things will not go as you planned because your husband has to work late because he had the bad luck to get a call half an hour before it was time to go, or he gets called in to cover someone else’s shift, or he has to work overtime… etcetera, etcetera.

It can be frustrating (hey, here’s where that sense of humor comes in!), but the better you are at adapting to those circumstances and moving on to the next best plan, the happier you’re going to be.


Hobbies and interests of her own.

I mean, everyone needs this, of course.

But, when you’re in the midst of solo parenting and tending to your husband’s emotional needs and attempting to keep the house from becoming completely chaotic, it’s easy to neglect your own emotional needs.

That means it’s extra important to be intentional about making time for yourself: for reading books you want to read, making crafts you’d like to make, and doing all the things that set your soul on fire.

It can be hard to make time for it, but ohhh so worth it.

Connection to others.

We are not meant to do this life alone – none of us!  We need one another – in the highs and the lows – to learn, grow, and take comfort from one another.

I know personally, the hardest moments I have ever experienced in my life were the ones where I felt like nobody else was there.  When I thought nobody else would ever understand.

Connecting with other police wives and knowing your struggles aren’t unique to you helps you feel like you really can make it.  That maybe you really are strong enough to care for your family and yourself while supporting your husband in law enforcement.

Love for your officer.

Last but definitely not least (arguably most), you just need to love your officer.

Because the thing is, the man you’re dating/married to? He might be a police officer, but he is also just a man.  And the man behind the badge?  That’s what matters most.

This life will no doubt change both of you. Sometimes it will break you down.  Sometimes it will absolutely bring you to your knees.

But the love that you have for one another?  That will help sustain you through it all.

After all, when you marry, you pledge, “in sickness and in health.”  Sometimes, that sickness is the mental anguish after a tough shift.  And it’s going to suck.

But remember who he is.  Remember what made you fall in love with him in the first place.