5 Fun Facts about Ambulances

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1. The term ambulance comes from the Latin word “ambulare” which means “to walk” – which is a reference to early medical care where injured patients on the battlefield were moved by wheeling a cart.

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2. Ambulances don’t need to be too fast, since its sirens should clear the road ahead of them. However, that didn’t stop Dubai from creating the world’s fastest ambulance.

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3. Although the manufacturing of ambulances is based on an affordable vehicle – the finished product is in fact VERY expensive. Prices for a brand-new ambulance can cost upwards of $100,000 all the way to $200,000.

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4. QLD and Tasmanian ambulance fees are covered by the government, however residents of other states are not so fortunate.

An emergency ambulance trip by road costs around $1174 in the metropolitan area of Victoria.

It can cost up to $4898 for an air ambulance and up to $10,475 for a helicopter, with prices set by the Department of Health.

In comparison, resident of South Australia are charged $934 for emergency call-outs and Western Australians $932 for life threatening or urgent related incidents.

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5. Ambulances don’t just come in the form of a large van…

Ambulances can be in the form of a car, train, truck, van, bicycle, trailer, motorbike, cart, bus, helicopter, wing aircraft, boat, and hospital ships.

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